Low dust polymeric paver sand

High-performance sand and sand-based product specialist Fairmount Santrol kicked off commercialization of Accel dust-preventing polymeric sand at the 2017 Hardscape North America trade show, staged at the Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville. Manufactured with the company’s Prevent technology, Accel reduces on-site dust and haze up to 90 percent compared with traditional polymeric sand—enhancing air quality with an engineered, environmentally cleaner formula.

Hardscape contractors and unit installers confirm the Accel sand’s capacity to nearly eliminate dust and haze.

“Our R&D team’s goal was to develop a product that would improve working conditions for the building industry and increase project value,” says Fairmont Santrol Industrial and Recreation Vice President of Sales Mike Lenahan. Accel’s uniform gradation and exclusive polymer formula, he adds, ensure a durable bond for strong and flexible joints; prevent stress cracking, even in extreme hot and cold weather conditions; and, afford quicker, even filling of joints for interlocking concrete or brick pavements. Fairmount Santrol, Sugar Land, Texas, www.fairmountminerals.com