Command Center concrete maturity, temperature monitoring system

Pavement engineer Transtec Group has released Command Center 2.0, citing updated desktop and mobile software, improved readers for data collection, and a more durable, highly visible sensor cable than the predecessor model. Practitioners use the device to track maturity, strength, and internal temperature of fresh, in-place concrete. New CC 2.0 software increases efficiency to meet required specifications for maturity monitoring, thermal control plans, hot and cold weather concreting, precast production and mass placements.

Transtec initially developed the software in 2003 for the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Aviation Administration, and has since observed Command Center deployment in thousands of projects world wide for all types of concrete. The system is designed to expedite project schedules, reduce budgets and satisfy quality control requirements through the use of smart sensors and user-friendly software.

The CC 2.0 software saves time with auto-recognition of previously downloaded sensors and the ability for multiple sensors to be stored in the same project file. The desktop program includes a maturity-curve building wizard and batch reporting options, which streamline data analysis and distribution processes. A new auto-save feature ensures sensor data collection is quick and easy without risk of data loss. A 2.0 software update is free for existing Command Center customers, and the supporting team offers free web-based training for simplified on-boarding.

Pocket Command Center readers have been upgraded to Trimble Nomad 1050L devices, which run on a 15-hour continuous-use battery life, are IP68-rated (dust and waterproof), and built to withstand rough field conditions. All Nomads are pre-loaded with Pocket CC 2.0; include Wi-Fi capability allowing the user to email data from the field immediately; and, are compatible with existing sensors and cables. Command Center sensors now have an upgraded cable with a highly visible orange color, and a cable jacket three times more durable to withstand harsher conditions. They carefully measure and store temperature readings internally at fixed intervals depending on user’s specific needs for monitoring concrete temperature and strength gain.

Existing Command Center users have the option to upgrade the software on legacy devices for free by contacting the support team for self-installation instructions, or can mail the reader for an update at no additional cost. — Transtec Group, Austin, Texas; 888/45-6233;;