Galvanized deck elevates IBC/IRC-compliant paving stone installations

Certification of Evolutiondeck SPX structural members as International Building Code- and International Residential Code-compliant will provide big box retailers and independent hardscape/landscape dealers new leverage in promoting paver and patio slab projects. Tailored to vertical and horizontal conditions, the Z- and C-shaped SPX sections are fabricated from 18-gauge galvanized steel, load tested in excess of 500 lbs./square foot, and combine with smaller detail sections to create the Paverdeck system.

“Testing for code compliance validated the structural performance of the SPX members for wall or column loading, and their flexural load capacity as beams,” says John Naccarato, principal of Evolutiondeck Inc., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. “Paverdeck’s code factor and versatility open up concrete and stone pavers to a major outdoor living market application that has traditionally been limited to treated or untreated wood planks and supports.” A report from Malvern, Pa.-based Principia Consulting, he adds, estimates the 2015 North American deck market at $2.5 billion, of which wood and synthetics account for about 60 percent and 40 percent, respectively.

Paverdeck serves as a galvanized steel support for outdoor or indoor decks and floors, and is the only full diaphragm unibody structure on the market. It represents a long life-cycle alternative to treated wood, which a) is prone to compromised or failed structural connections at 10 to 15 years; and, b) under many local code provisions limits elevated concrete or stone paver installation height. Paverdeck’s light weight, maintenance free and strength characteristics, Evolutiondeck engineers note, make it an ideal investment for residential decks, commercial patios, rooftop terraces and docks. In addition to concrete, stone, clay or porcelain pavers, the system can support cast-in-place concrete slabs. The IBC and IRC certification helps homeowners, contractors and design professionals realize the full value of the Paverdeck structural panel in their construction investments.

Evolutiondeck has secured Paverdeck distribution through Midwest home improvement giant Menards, plus independent landscape/hardscape dealers in various regions. Progressive Engineering Inc. of Goshen, Ind., oversaw the load tests leading to the SPX/Paverdeck components’ certification as IBC and IRC compliant. The PER-15098 code compliance report is posted at