Jonel programs mobile device-ready, sales force analytics tool

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The Customer Diamond Analysis consolidates an account’s key financial, project type and operating data to inform Sales Insight users’ quotes, delivery scheduling and market penetration. The latter metric is mapped in the Geo Market Analysis function.
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Jonel Engineering has designed its latest cloud-based sales force analytics tool, Sales Insight, exclusively for ready mixed and aggregate producers. The application harnesses mobile computing power enabling sales teams to score more wins and attract new business opportunities. Bidding, pipeline tracking, and forecasting functions are tightly coupled with powerful analytics tools that quickly identify key market trends impacting service levels and overall customer performance.

Account scoring through a four-dimensional, analytical model can rank customers based on profit, payment, productivity and ease of doing business, providing sales managers a holistic view of how servicing a specific customer impacts the bottom line. “Our goal is to take sales force automation to the next level,” says Jonel President Mike Lawson. “Today’s sales teams are expected to look beyond material costs and estimated volume as means to price their products more competitively. They require customer driven performance metrics to identify service level gaps and root cause analysis to help shape the success of new projects.”

Sales Insight includes a Geo Market Analysis map to display user and competitors’ plant locations relative to projects won/lost; corresponding profitability; and, geographic areas where business is trending. Although the application is designed to integrate with Jonel’s Access Unlimited dispatch solution, it can be deployed stand alone or integrated with other standardized concrete dispatch systems. — Jonel Engineering, Fullerton, Calif., 800/432-4567 ext. 518;