Marcotte Systems launches mobile-friendly, Software as a Service platform

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Marcotte On Demand brings functions from Control, Operation, Quality, Management and Optimization modules to mobile devices.
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Marcotte on Demand is a new software delivery platform Marcotte Systems Ltd. has programmed to improve the performance and bottom line of ready mixed producers.

“Clients can now harness the full power of [our] proven software to control their batching, dispatching and all management functions from anywhere and at any time,” said Marcotte Chairman and CEO Syed Mohamed, announcing the new technology at World of Concrete 2016. With the dramatic impact of technological innovations over the last decade, business practices have evolved at a relentless pace, he added, noting that companies have adapted their operations in order to remain competitive.

Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) business model development allow for greater mobility and flexibility. “With Marcotte on Demand, you can be even more efficient and profitable by using our batching, dispatching and management software exactly when and where you need to make the game winning play,” Mohamed observed, underscoring how concrete operations can be tracked from any Internet-enabled device.

Marcotte on Demand allows operators to pay incrementally for present and future computing needs. Ready mixed producers are afforded an unlimited user and truck-licensing mode as well as interface with their GPS-enabled vehicle tracking and enterprise accounting systems; they pay only for the number of plants dispatched. The Demand platform, Marcotte officials note, equips users to increase productivity and quality, exceed client expectations, and maximize cash flow and return on investment. No capital investment is required as access to the software is on a monthly subscription basis. There is no need for a sophisticated and expensive hardware infrastructure (servers, VPN, etc.) or dedicated information technology staff.

Marcotte on Demand supports the firm’s Control, Operation, Quality, Management and Optimization modules. It operates within a secured SSL environment and is offered with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. Operators will continually benefit from the newest software versions and features at no extra cost, Marcotte officials affirm, adding that customers will never have to bother with data backup and can rest assured as they are covered 24/7 by the Gold support package. — Marcotte Systems, Quebec, 855/652-6520;