Trimble connects auto-status technology with Android platform for mixer fleets

59 Talk 400

TFConnectTalk supports voice communication on a tablet that has TrimFleet Communicator enabled, allowing drivers to talk or send messages to other drivers plus TrimView desktop and TrimView Zello mobile users.
59 Home 400

TFConnectHome gives drivers access to Messaging, Delivery information, Navigation, Status screen, Communicator and Driver ID/Status functions.
59 Status 400

TFConnect Status paces the ready mixed delivery loop. Tethered to the TVG850 telematics device, Connect requires no manual status updates; hence, the driver doesn’t have to press anything on screen, which nevertheless displays helpful Water Add Meter and Drum Rotation Sensor information.

TrimFleet Mobile Connect for ready mixed concrete operations is an extension of Trimble Construction Logistics Division’s TrimFleet Mobile software suite, wirelessly connected to the TVG850 telematics device. Announced at World of Concrete 2016, Mobile Connect is the first Android-based application to provide auto-status technology throughout the ready mixed delivery cycle.

“As technology continues to evolve, the industry is seeking solutions that enable improved efficiency and productivity,” says Trimble CL General Manager John Rice. “With TrimFleet Mobile Connect, our customers have a solution that automatically collects and shares data on an extensible platform so intelligent business decisions can be made quickly and easily.”

Mobile Connect provides drivers, dispatchers and management valuable information within ready mixed operations. Drivers no longer have to initiate status updates throughout the delivery cycle and can access CoPilot Truck navigation, text and voice communications, driver ID and delivery information on an Android display. Leveraging the TVG850, TrimFleet Mobile Connect can decrease driver interaction associated with push-button solutions and offer more reliable status and communications via the telematics device’s onboard Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities.

Mobile Connect affords dispatch personnel and management more accurate status updates, relayed automatically to TrimView, Trimble’s office software solution for improved construction logistics management. — Trimble Construction Logistics Division,