Dana premiers tire inflation, EGR solutions

During the recent IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 in Germany, Dana Holding Corp. spotlighted its new Long brand exhaust gas heat recovery (EGHR) technology and Spicer optimized tire pressure system, engineered to automatically maintain proper inflation for drive and steer axles.

By helping vehicle manufacturers improve fuel economy by up to 3 percent and reduce emissions, the Long brand EGHR reduces friction in the engine, transmission, and axle by redirecting exhaust heat to rapidly warm powertrain fluids during cold start and ramp up. A compact, lightweight design enables the EGHR solution to be installed immediately downstream of the catalyst to capture the gas at a higher temperature. When coupled with company’s Long active warm-up units, the system is able to significantly reduce the time it takes to achieve optimum operating temperatures in the powertrain.

The first internal axle system of its kind for powered commercial vehicles, the Spicer optimized tire pressure system has been engineered to automatically maintain proper inflation for drive and steer axles, significantly increasing vehicle fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance. It can improve fuel economy by up to 1 percent through periodic checks that ensure each tire is properly inflated to a pressure equalized with other tires.DanaII-400

“Global fleets have a relentless focus on improving the performance of their fleets through improved fuel economy, lower vehicle weight, and reduced maintenance requirements,” said Dana Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies President Pat D’Eramo. “Propelled by 15 technical centers around the world dedicated to establishing new benchmarks in efficiency and productivity, Dana offers a comprehensive range of innovations throughout the truck designed to help fleet owners achieve these goals.” — Dana Holding Corp., www.dana.com/commercialvehicle