Energy research laboratory breaks ground at Hampden-Sydney College


Once completed in December, a 26- x 45-ft. freestanding research facility will provide students and faculty at Hampden-Sydney College’s departments of Physics & Astronomy and Mathematics & Computer Science a unique opportunity to research energy monitoring, energy conservation, and sustainable buildings in a grant-based project on its Virginia campus.

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Yard vehicle


VersAttach track-based, bed attachment system for company’s Carryall vehicle line is specially designed to organize equipment and gear. The aluminum beds in the new vehicles feature a Rhino-lining, the same tough material used to line the beds of many pickup trucks. A truck-like, single-handed, latch-and-release tailgate runs across the width of the vehicle and can be opened from either side or the center. Carryall utility vehicles are available in electric, gas and diesel; two-wheel and automatic all-wheel drive; and two- or four-passenger models. Transporters carry four or six passengers, and Carryall LSVs carry two passengers and come with regular or extended beds. — Club Car, Augusta, Ga.;

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Bricks & Mortar, E-Commerce Outlays Extend Concrete Accessories’ Reach


To support a full line of steel lifting inserts and devices, plastic rebar supports, spacers and wheel chairs, plus accessories such as tie wires, concrete test cylinder molds, shims, double-faced tape and sheathing, the company has launched an e-commerce website with an online customer portal. The interactive site affords a wealth of features and tools for users to check stock status and prices, place orders, track shipments, and clear invoices.

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High-voltage meter


TightSight clamp meters give electricians an unparalleled level of safety, convenience and performance when measuring high-voltage systems in cramped, hard-to-reach panel boards. Available in four professional-grade models in either 600 or 1000 amp capacities, the clamp meters are the first to feature the TightSight LCD. Built into the bottom of the meter, the display lets electricians view measurements at arm’s length from almost any angle in the tightest of spots.

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Intake precleaners


Maradyne turbo Precleaners protect valuable equipment and engines in demanding environments where dust, dirt and debris are a given. They feature a straight-through airflow pathway that creates less air intake restriction to optimize engine power. Engineered paddles create centrifugal force, ejecting up to 85 percent of contaminants through discharge ports. The design effectively removes airborne debris such as dust, dirt and moisture, including particles as small as one to two microns, ultimately allowing only filtered air into the engine for maximum performance.

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Pump transfer scheme paces tower schedule, suits post-pour trades


Rising in Houston’s uptown district with scheduled fall 2016 occupancy, the 600,000-sq.-ft., 30-story BHP Billiton Tower is earmarked for LEED Gold Certification and will occupy a 2.4-acre tract. The reinforced concrete structure is 100 percent preleased to the global energy and resources subsidiary of Australia’s BHP Billiton Group.

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