Intake precleaners

Maradyne turbo Precleaners protect valuable equipment and engines in demanding environments where dust, dirt and debris are a given. They feature a straight-through airflow pathway that creates less air intake restriction to optimize engine power. Engineered paddles create centrifugal force, ejecting up to 85 percent of contaminants through discharge ports. The design effectively removes airborne debris such as dust, dirt and moisture, including particles as small as one to two microns, ultimately allowing only filtered air into the engine for maximum performance.turbo-400

With a precleaner providing efficient pre-separation, the need to take equipment out of service for air filter maintenance is greatly reduced, product engineers contend. Maintenance is not only figured in downtime, they add, but also in material cost. By extending the life of air filters, turbo Precleaners reduce the expense of replacement filter purchases.

The company provides four precleaners for a wide range of equipment operating in light- to severe-duty applications, from compact models to on/off-highway trucks. Models protect a variety of machines and their engines with 15 to 1500 CFM airflow range; options included extended raincap, low-profile bull-nose or under-the-hood mounting. Maradyne Corp., 800/537-7444; [email protected]