Hyundai tools loader for product handling


A “Tool Master” version of the standard wheel loader model, the HL740TM-9A features parallel lift, along with a fork attachment, to enable safe and easy a) loading and unloading of large and odd-shaped product such as pipe or, b) palletized brick or concrete masonry transport. The model is part of the 9A series wheel loaders, all featuring what company engineers note are power and productivity improvements from previous models, including certified Interim Tier 4 engine upgrade, and enhanced operator comfort.

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Truck mixer controls promote operator efficiency


Schwing America’s latest generation of truck mixer controls complement the efficiency of the entire product line. The wireless system utilizes an in-cab charging station along with a remote box for operator convenience. The system is available on the company’s conventional and booster equipped truck mixers from 10- to 12-cu.-yd. capacity.

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Automated Granular Pigment Dispenser


Company engineers have designed the portable Easystar with ready mixed producers and contractor supply stores in mind, noting the automatic dispenser’s capacity to deliver hundreds of colors with the push of a button; keep track of pigment levels; measure the right amount of pigment for each bag; and, perform with few or no programming requirements. The model eliminates the need to keep large inventories of colors and doesn’t require constant mixing or special temperature controls. The Easystar is provided for Granastar pigment customers. — Interstar, 800/567-1857;

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Chevron tailors 15W-30 grade to changing design, demands of severe duty power


A new category of diesel engine oil, Delo 400 SD SAE 15W-30, addresses the growth of severe duty applications in on- and off-highway markets. The API CJ-4 formulation uses Chevron Products’ patent-pending Isosyn technology, developed with an eye to the demands of “severe duty” cycles. It suits advanced engines equipped with features like four-valve heads, super-charging, turbo-charging, direct injection, higher power density, intercooling, full electronic management of fuel and emissions systems, exhaust selective catalytic reduction, exhaust gas recirculation, and exhaust particulate filters.

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