Visibility features, performance bucket attend Hyundai workhorse

AAVM monitor

Shown earlier this year at World of Concrete 2019, the 197-hp HL955 wheel loader is outfitted with a GEM Attachments heavy-duty bucket and hydraulic coupler. The GEM GP bucket is designed for use in general purpose and abrasive applications. It features a reinforced shell to extend bucket life; internal liner plate for maximum wear protection; reinforced edge and bolt-on corner protectors to improve pile penetration; and, V-style guard curtailing machine linkage damage from debris spillage. The GEM hydraulic coupler’s standard four-point pick up system streamlines stress loads through the loader arm; creates seamless coupling and uncoupling transitions on uneven terrain; and, supports heavy-duty production demands of two- and three-shift operating schedules.

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Wheel loader guarding

Manufacturer has tooled a guarding package to protect the HL960HD wheel loader from site hazards and ensure key system or component operational integrity. Hinged steel front and rear cabin guards prevent glass damage, while enabling quick access for window cleaning and maintenance. A radiator grille guard protects against hazards such as debris, falling objects and collisions with stationary or moving objects, but also provides quick cooling system and engine compartment access. Guards for exterior lights, the bucket cylinder, axle seals, attachment hoses, engine belly and front-chassis undercarriage complete the package.

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Hyundai tools loader for product handling


A “Tool Master” version of the standard wheel loader model, the HL740TM-9A features parallel lift, along with a fork attachment, to enable safe and easy a) loading and unloading of large and odd-shaped product such as pipe or, b) palletized brick or concrete masonry transport. The model is part of the 9A series wheel loaders, all featuring what company engineers note are power and productivity improvements from previous models, including certified Interim Tier 4 engine upgrade, and enhanced operator comfort.

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