Truck mixer controls promote operator efficiency

Schwing America’s latest generation of truck mixer controls complement the efficiency of the entire product line. The wireless system utilizes an in-cab charging station along with a remote box for operator convenience. The system is available on the company’s conventional and booster equipped truck mixers from 10- to 12-cu.-yd. capacity.SchwingControl-400

The durable remote control system allows drivers to start and stop the drum, switch from discharge to charge, throttle up or down, lock or unlock, and rotate the chute. An eye-level tray is provided at the rear of the truck to hold the remote, plus the box is equipped with a powerful magnet for attachment to virtually any surface of the truck mixer. The transmitter hops frequencies for a strong signal without interference from competing signals.

In the cab, a display next to the charging outlet gives instant status updates and control of drum stop/start, chute lock, throttle up/down, tilt hopper, work lights, and up/down/stop of the booster axle. A ball and socket mount provides infinite adjustment for driver viewing. There are also buttons for set up of the constant speed SMART drum control. The system stores drum speed history and revolutions as well as displays error codes for troubleshooting. Additionally, its receiver is housed in an easily accessible enclosure.

Schwing’ exclusive SMART drum controls automatically engage when the truck reaches a preset threshold speed. A light bar on the dashboard indicates when SMART drum is engaged. The benefits of the constant speed drum are improved fuel efficiency, extended drum life, on-road stability, and delivery of higher quality mixes. — 888/724-9464;


Schwing-400Company’s new S 20 offers a unique boom design in a compact package, affording contractors a versatile tool to expand concrete pumping possibilities while also performing conventional work.

Joining 15 other Schwing America models, the four-section Double Z boom offers a total of 820 degrees of articulation with 270 degrees at both the third and fourth sections, allowing many possible configurations in confined spaces. Combined with a 12-ft. 7-in. unfolding height, the S 20 can be used indoors, under overhead structures, and in tunnels. The standard truck is a Kenworth T370 with 330 hp and automatic transmission. Overall reach of the boom is 63 ft. 8 in. vertically and 51 ft. 10 in. horizontally. Equipped with 5-in. pipe, the boom can rotate 370 degrees in either direction, enhancing versatility on tight projects.

The S 20’s utilization benefits from its convenient ability to perform as a line pump with a standard backend 180-degree rotating outlet. The standard pump kit is the 2023-3 110/75 SC with 124 cu. yd./hour output, operating through 9-in. diameter pumping cylinders. The twin-cylinder all-hydraulic unit sequences the cylinders through the M Rock Valve, providing maximum sealing efficiency in a rebuildable valve with a minimum of moving parts. Contractors can pump with confidence, handling mixes with up to 2.5-in. aggregate and applying up to 1,095 psi.

Manually extending outriggers lower hydraulically, applying 38 psi soil pressure with dunnage on the front and 15 psi on the rear. Spacing is 12 feet 8 inches in the front and 7 feet 3 inches in the rear, for easy setup on crowded job sites.