Automacad alliance adds wet cast plant technology to Besser offerings

Source: Besser Co., Alpena, Mich.

Besser CEO Kevin Curtis and Louis Hébert, president and owner of Quebec-based Automacad Inc., have announced a marketing plan centered on Besser’s global sales team representing Automacad wet cast concrete production equipment. Compatibility between the two companies is enhanced by what both note are shared values: delivering customer satisfaction through innovative products and responsive technical support.

Since entering the concrete market in 2007, Automacad has earned a reputation for quality, custom dry cast and wet cast unit production solutions, as well as for concrete packaging and related equipment. Its industrialization team focuses multidisciplinary expertise to provide precast operations access to a full range of innovations. Automacad components and systems easily fit existing manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic production lines.

Besser sales representatives, whose reach extends to producers in 130-plus countries, completed training in late-2013 under Hébert and Automacad Sales Manager Sandra Kapfer. The team realizes wet cast production methods’ potential for dry cast unit producers seeking to expand their manufactured-concrete offerings. “Wet cast production utilizes the skill sets of our current producers so it fits well with the scope of their business. It offers the opportunity to expand their product lines with aesthetically pleasing, high-margin units,” affirms Besser Director of Sales–Americas John Reedy.