Central Mixed Plant Update

Manufacturers offer a range ofperformance options as producers gear for improved market conditions.

BMH Systems
Central mixed batch plants are manufactured, engineered, installed and commissioned according to customer specifications. Vertical plants, low-profile or gravity installations, reversing drum or twinshaft mixers, automatic monitoring, high production capacity plants, seismic zone resistant plants, small footprint, aesthetic design and winterized plants are among options and solutions. BMH’s signature RollMaster high-capacity reversing drum mixer rotates at full speed for charging and mixing. Variable-speed reverse rotation allows direct control of the discharge rate, producing a homogenous mix in a short period of time. — 888/793-9340; www.bmhsystems.com
Concrete Equipment Co Concrete Equipment Co.
Con-E-Co custom engineered, central mixed equipment offerings include the Lo-Pro Series of mobile-portable models with 5-yd., 10-yd. and 12-yd. (3.8, 7.6 and 9.2 cu. m) capacity mixers; the All-Pro Series with 6-yd. (4.6 cu. m) and 12-yd. yd. (9.2 cu. m) mixers; 400 SLP with 12-yd. (9.2 cu. m) mixer, and SLP CM with 12-yd. (9.2 cu. m) model. Company designs and manufactures its own proprietary tilt drum mixer and horizontal reversing mixer (HRM). — 402/426-4181; www.con-e-co.com
Loadcraft Industries Loadcraft Industries
Manufacturer offers plants with Ross-type tilt mixers for a wide range of production capacities or twin shaft mixers for ready mixed or precast operations. A variety of aggregate storage bin and cement silo choices allow customers to meet production capacity and profit goals. Replacement drums for Ross and Johnson Ross tilt mixers are offered. In addition, Loadcraft also markets a mobile, 6-yd. twin shaft mixer that allows customers to convert dry batch plants into wet plants. — 800/803-0183; www.loadcraft.com
Stephens Mfg Stephens Mfg.
In conjunction with Inventure Systems, the company offers the Workhorse reversing drum mixer for efficient, quiet, vibration-free operation and low maintenance on a range of central mixed plant models.The unique mixer interior paddle arrangement abbreviates mixing cycles and contributes to efficient use of cementitious materials. The mixer drum rotates in one direction for charging and reverses direction for discharging into trucks. The vessel runs on four variable frequency drive-controlled motors, the speed control enabling operators to time mix discharge rates to truck-loading capability. — 800/626-0200; www.stephensmfg.com
RexCon LLC RexCon LLC
The 5 CM low profile, central mixed mobile plant combines output capability up to 130 yd./hour (100 cu. m) with portability, enabling convenient use at remote job sites and versatile operation for loading truck mixers, dump trucks, agitors and loaders regardless of their elevation. The model provides quality and consistency in concrete production and, for increased operating efficiency and reduced wear and tear, batches cement into the hopper by gravity. To accelerate erection and takedown time, the mobile plant is factory prewired and pre-plumbed, and equipped with an in-truss single compartment cement silo that ships integral to the structure. — 262/639-4050; www.rexcon.com
Vince Hagan Co Vince Hagan Co.
Line of central mixed models meets a broad range of site and production requirements. Models are equipped with company’s patented Horizontal Shaft Mixer, as well as stationary and portable tilt mixers. Custom-designed, low-profile LPM stat ionary modular plants are available in sizes ranging from 100-225 yd. /hr., and especially suit locations where layout flexibility is required. — 800/354-3238; www.vincehagan.com