Shuttlelift debuts double-beam mobile gantry cranes

In response to a growing need for efficient and cost-effective lifting solutions, Shuttlelift has launched a new series of double-beam models. According to Director of Industrial Sales Kurt Minten, the new DB Series was designed for plant managers searching for more cost-effective ways to run their operations. “Plant managers have a lot of factors to consider when purchasing new equipment. They want something that is easy to maintain and offers versatility in their lifting environment.”

Shuttlelift’s complete line-up features four diverse mobile gantry crane series designed to work in a variety of applications and industries. The DB model is a double-beam mobile gantry crane designed for long-term, heavy-duty cycle work in a moderate terrain environment, making it a strong economical player in the concrete and steel industries. The SL model is designed for lower duty cycle “pick and carry” type jobs. As a single-beam mobile gantry crane, the SB model is designed for single point picks and tandem picking. It works in conjunction with any conventional rubber-tired gantry crane, regardless of brand. Finally, the ISL model is designed for higher-duty cycles; it can handle a variety of load configurations and works well in unimproved terrain environments. A unique feature of this model is the pivot trunnion that allows the crane to flex when traveling over uneven terrain without causing structural damage.

Shuttlelift engineers can propose the ideal lifting solution for customers’ specific needs while factoring in important logistics such as load configurations, duty cycles, yard conditions, and budget. The complete line of industrial mobile gantry cranes offers optional features designed to improve operational safety and increase productivity. A few key options include flexible steering modes, the ability to rotate loads faster and more efficiently, and power management to reduce fuel consumption.   —