Coolant analyzer

The OSA4 CoolCheck is an analytical instrument that performs on-site tests on engine coolant. It determines the coolant formulation (conventional or long-life), as well as identifies problems within the cooling system. Furthermore, the CoolCheck uses an Embedded XP Panel PC that is coupled with a dual path multi-wave spectrometer. This technology executes nine diagnostic tests in less than one a minute, and prints an easy-to-understand diagnostic report.

The CoolCheck analyzer will report glycol-to-water ratio; report the condition and quality of coolant to protect against freeze up, overheating and engine seizure; identify the presence of any contaminants that can cause internal radiator damage; and, qualify the integrity of coolant brand to maximize performance.

Each OSA4 must have a permanent form of communication. The line will be used to update and repair the analyzers remotely. There are two options available for ongoing software and service support: a static IP address accessible through pre-installed PCAnywhere software, or a dynamic or static IP address with a connection to the Internet. The second option will use a secure third-party software program to connect to the analyzer.   — On-Site Analysis Inc.,