Form and Concrete Sprayers

The Perfect Form & Concrete Sprayer and the Ideal Form & Concrete Sprayer were designed to solve common spray application challenges with convenience features contractors have been waiting for. The Perfect Sprayer has a 3-gal. stainless steel tank and a large capacity, easy-to-clean, 100-mesh filter in the trigger valve that eliminates clogging. It can be pressurized with a hand pump or an air compressor up to 90 psi for improved spraying of high-viscosity, low-VOC products. It has an 8-ft. coiled hose to reach any surface, brass-to-brass connections, a wide base that won’t fall over and a parts kit to safely store spare tips.

Customizable to fit any application job with one of seven spray tips, the Perfect Form & Concrete Sprayer has optional add-ons that include a wheel kit, wand extension, air compressor fill valve and wand-mounted liquid pressure regulator with pressure gauge. The Ideal Form & Concrete Sprayer ships with a polyethylene tank that won’t dent, chip or rust and a pump cover to keep debris out of the tank. Its lightweight, easy-to-carry body is stabilized with a wide base.

Both sprayers are designed for uniform application of all construction chemicals from concrete form release agents to liquid floor hardeners. — Nox-Crete Products Group,