Cement formulator adds corrosion-resistant brand

Source: Ceratech Inc., Alexandria, Va.

Billed as a next-generation, high-performance cement with superior chemical resistance for petrochemical, industrial, and heavy commercial applications, Kemrok has joined Ceratech’s line of portland cement-free binders. Available in bulk or as a packaged repair mix, it yields what product developers contend is concrete exhibiting fast set times and curing cycles; corrosion resistance and durability; and, competitive installed cost.

Kemrok’s formal launch follows the early-2011 introduction of ekkomaxx, promoted as a carbon-neutral cement system for precast and cast-in-place concrete. ekkomaxx leverages Class C fly ash and four liquid admixtures to produce agents matching the binding and performance properties of ASTM C150 Type I-V cements. Rounding out Ceratech brands are Firerok high-temperature concrete and GreatWhite rapid cement.