Precast producers prompt Martin’s Brushless Form Vibrator

Martin Engineering arrived at 2024 World of Concrete with the MHF-1500 Brushless Concrete Form Vibrator, its design responding to precast producer requests for a versatile, dependable device. Attention to the needs of modern precast operations, along with months of designing and testing, yielded a powerful, portable vibrator that is simple to service in-house. “Traditionally, this type of motor is universal…

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Lightweight form vibrators prove nimble in precast production


Presented as lighter in weight and easier to transfer from one form to another than comparable models, the U1-1600 High Frequency Electric Vibrator delivers the force required to minimize voids and provide a smooth surface finish in precast concrete. With greater equipment reliability and service life, product engineers note, the competitively priced vibrator offers quality, durability and reduced cost of ownership.

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Compact precast form vibrator

Industrial vibration technology pioneer has introduced a heavy-duty compact electric vibrator engineered for the inside or outside of small diameter precast concrete pipe form cores. The Martin MB36-3000 Concrete Form Vibrator offers what engineers call excellent compaction of the cast for improved material strength. The rugged design has a high force-to-weight ratio and ensures reliability using high heat-rated internal components, allowing the unit to perform consistently under punishing conditions for extended periods.

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Martin Engineering attains key certification

A global player in bulk material handling solutions has gained the EAC Mark of Conformity (aka, Eurasian Conformity Mark) for the export of conveyor products and material flow aids, including a full line of impact cradles, belt cleaners, sealing systems, air cannons and sonic horns. The certification allows Martin Engineering business units in Europe to offer the company’s extensive product family to the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) and assures that the equipment is compliant with the EAC’s strict safety and quality standards. It will provide companies in the region, Martin Engineering management notes, with safe and efficient components for improving productivity, controlling fugitive material and clearing accumulation in chutes, silos, kilns and ductwork in a variety of cement, fly ash, aggregate and other material handling applications.

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Martin Engineering winds new class of robust, precast form vibrators

40 Cougariii 150

Cougar Concrete Form Vibrators utilize Class H windings and a rigid alloy frame to withstand maximum force output levels for longer sustained periods. The units’ external bolt patterns are compatible with conventional form brackets, creating a secure fit that allows the concrete to settle quickly for even distribution without air pockets.

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Silo maintenance method averts confined space entry

Martin Engineering silo-cleaning crew, the Commercial Acres RMC facility

A central Illinois ready mixed concrete producer has resolved material build-up issues in three storage silos where accumulation had slowed production and increased internal pressures, eventually damaging the vessel walls and forcing a shutdown. By enlisting the Martin Engineering silo-cleaning crew, the Commercial Acres RMC facility, whic is owned by Stark Excavating, was able to have the vessels safely emptied and ready for repair in 10 working hours—without confined space entry.

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