Butler Concrete optimizes diesel combustion with hydrogen, oxygen device

Sources: Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems Inc., Vancouver, B.C.  Butler Concrete and Aggregate Ltd. of Victoria, B.C. is testing a fuel enhancement system on its mixer truck fleet with an eye to improved fuel efficiency, plus lower carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. Mounted near the mixer gear box, the Empire Hydrogen system uses electrolysis—initiated through stainless steel plate filters and…

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Buying program economizes fleet supplies, fuel for NRMCA members

Sources: Petrocon Corp., Frederick, Md.; CP staff

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has teamed with Petrocon on a benefits program through which members, especially smaller and medium sized producers, can enjoy national account-level pricing on lubricants, antifreeze, tires, chemicals, energy, fuel cards, cellular services and other fleet related purchases.

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PCA: Pavements belong in feds’ vehicle fuel economy, lower emissions equation

Sources: Portland Cement Association, Washington, D.C.; CP staff

Responding to the White House’s just-announced second phase of fuel economy standards for heavy-duty trucks, targeted for 2015-16 rulemaking and implementation, PCA CEO Gregory Scott notes, “We should expand the debate beyond making more efficient [vehicles] to making more efficient infrastructure.”

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CSHub Investments’ Ripple Effect

A new roadmap shows how European Union cement interests, with much customer assistance, can clip carbon dioxide output from 1990 levels by 80 percent at mid-century. The ambitious goal fits the European Cement Association, based in Brussels—ground zero of carbon trading schemes, voluntary initiatives and regulatory pursuits aimed at net CO2 emissions reduction across the business and consumer landscape. It hinges on improvements in fuel- and energy-intensive cement milling, coupled with promotion of the energy or fuel efficiency inherent in concrete building and transportation slabs or structures.

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Fleet Owner recognizes Oldcastle APG’s driver log practices, fuel economy gains

Source: CP staff The leading monthly in on-highway and on-off highway trucking named Atlanta-based Oldcastle Architectural Products Group runner-up in the Fleet of the Year Awards/Private Category. Fleet Owner editors, who nominate all candidates, cite the concrete masonry giant’s year-over-year 8.9 percent improvement in miles per gallon and use of technology to cut administrative expenses related to driver logs and…

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