Command Alkon, Infotech power electronic ticketing network

Sources: Command Alkon, Birmingham, Ala.; CP staff

Command Alkon and Gainesville, Fla.-based infrastructure construction software provider Infotech are teaming to provide electronic material delivery ticketing free of charge through June 30. A new cloud-enabled network combines the companies’ respective Connex platform and Doc Express service to remove the need for face-to-face jobsite interactions and ticket exchanges between suppliers, drivers and contractors.

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Libra Systems launches Covid-19 Care Initiative

Source: Libra Systems, Harleyville, Pa. 

Concrete, aggregate and asphalt plant automation, scale ticketing and business integration solutions provider Libra Systems is offering E-Ticketing at no charge as part of its Covid-19 Care Initiative. The company’s other ‘hands-free’ solutions that help maintain social distancing include self-service kiosks, remote printer terminals, and Camera ID. —

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