Hoists suit tight quarters

66 Kone 300

Available in 1- to 80-ton capacities, the CXT line has been engineered with a short hook approach, low-headroom design, and can work close to walls whereby owners of crane-equipped operations can optimize building footprints. A hoisting inverter provides accuracy and controlled slow speed operation when lifting, while the empty load hook can be driven with up to 50 percent higher speeds compared to the loaded hook—allowing the operator to choose the most efficient hoist movement.

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Columbus McKinnon Corp. has unveiled the 2-, 3-, 5-, 7.5- and 10-ton capacity Freedom Frame from Abell-Howe, suited to conditions and facilities where overhead crane installation is not practical or structurally permissible. The free-standing Free Freedom system requires no tie-offs to the building structure and, with bolted versus welded connections, is designed for easy disassembly and relocating. Runway electrification (right or left) is V-contact style bar. Options include Yale girder crane kits. Available for quick delivery in standard modular configurations, typically one- to four-bay, or as a custom engineered system to accommodate special requirements.

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