Hoists suit tight quarters

Available in 1- to 80-ton capacities, the CXT line has been engineered with a short hook approach, low-headroom design, and can work close to walls whereby owners of crane-equipped operations can optimize building footprints. A hoisting inverter provides accuracy and controlled slow speed operation when lifting, while the empty load hook can be driven with up to 50 percent higher speeds compared to the loaded hook—allowing the operator to choose the most efficient hoist movement.

Gearing is the manufacturer’s own AGMA quality 11 in a totally enclosed, compact case. DC braking is dust proof, designed for the life of the hoist, and equal to 1 million-plus applications without adjustment. The CXT is also fully compatible with Konecranes Smart Features, a suite of software-driven capabilities augmenting safety and productivity. Sway Control, for one, can reduce load-handling time by as much as 60 percent when compared to cranes with standard controls. — www.konecranesUSA.com



66 Hook 220Manufacturer has announced 31.5- to 60-ton capacity rigging hooks, citing among features: 5:1 design factor, same as wire rope, hence no need to downgrade; ultra‐strong, forged latch tab, pre‐drilled for easy latch installation; quenched and tempered material to deliver maximum strength with minimal unit weight and size; and, highly visible load rating marking to help ensure safe and proper use. The high-capacity hooks join a standard series of .75- to 15-ton capacity models; all are machined and heat-treated in the U.S. — Columbus McKinnon Corp./Channel Services, 800/888‐0985; www.cmworks.com