Newsflash: The digital enterprise is not complicated

Ready-mix concrete is a “now” industry. Real time. No delay. It’s time for us to catch up with what our kids already have: Instant access to information and collaboration with everyone all the time. The phrase “digital enterprise” makes a ton of money for lots of advisors from big-name consultancies. They use it as a noun, verb and adverb. They…

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The Power of Choice

How leading producers are influencing the fate of the technology they use. By Victoria K. Sicaras With so many technology options available these days, end users expect a lot from their software providers. This is especially true in the concrete industry, a niche market that requires specialized solutions and on-demand user support. Yet even in an increasingly digital world, many…

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Extract & act: Identify and realize opportunities for improvement

by Craig Yeack

Ready-mix concrete production is not for the fainthearted. We are at the crossroads of design, engineering, material suppliers, traffic, weather, equipment failures and a host of other hard-to-control realities. Frankly it’s amazing we manage as well as we do. But it’s always possible to get better. 

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