Abrasion-resistant mini mixer

Rotary Batch Mini Mixer model MX-10-AR blends up to 10 ft.3 (283 ℓ) of aggregates, pigments and other abrasive materials, with or without liquid additions, in ratios down to one part per million with total uniformity in two to three minutes. The unit is equally efficient down to 15 percent (1.0 ft.3 / 28 ℓ) of rated capacity, regardless of disparities in bulk densities, particle sizes or flow characteristics, making it suitable for laboratory testing, pilot production, or documenting of outcomes when scaling up to larger Rotary Batch Mixers.

High-wear internal surfaces are of abrasion-resistant steel, including proprietary mixing flights welded to the rotating drum. The flights gently tumble, turn, cut and fold the material, achieving homogeneous blends with no shear, while directing the entire batch through a stationary plug gate valve with no residual waste or product segregation. Equipped with a large access door and Swing-Away Intake Chute, the mixer is powered by a worm-reducer to a chain and sprocket drive with enclosed drive guards as standard. Six Rotary Batch Mini Mixer models are offered in maximum batch capacities of 0.25–15 ft.3 (7–425 ℓ). Large-scale, in-line Rotary Batch Mixers are available in maximum batch capacities of 5–600 ft.3 (142 ℓ to 17 m3). — Munson Machinery Co., Utica, N.Y., 800/944-6644 or 315/797-0090; www.munsonmachinery.com