Portable power

The Portable Power Box was a World of Concrete 2024 Innovative Product Awards nominee.

The Portable Power Box blends efficiency, convenience, portability and durability, product developers note, owing to: 6kw of output power combined with up to 15kWh of storage; rapid, seven-hour charging window; robust frame for easy storage and maneuverability; plus, versatile charging (240V mains or solar PV) and multiple connection (3x15A or 2x5V USB-A outlet) options. Leading the PPB’s advanced safety features are RCD protection and weather resistant design.

“The Portable Power Box is a noise free, fuel free, emissions free portable solution,” says Makinex CEO John Steward. “Construction companies are facing more environmental challenges than ever before. Regulatory bodies are tightening restrictions on carbon emissions, and customers are demanding renewable energy solutions.” — Makinex USA, Mansfield, Texas, 855/625-4639; www.makinex.com