EPA proposes PCR/EPD criteria to back new construction materials labeling

Sources: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; CP staff

The Environmental Protection Agency invites comments through April 4 on “Criteria for Product Category Rules (PCRs) to Support the Label Program for Low Embodied Carbon Construction Materials.” Posted here, the 30-page document offers guidelines to improve PCRs by establishing consistent data quality and transparency requirements for Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). The proposed criteria suit PCR Program Operators, committee members (trade associations and their producer or manufacturer members) and review panels, plus Life Cycle Assessment interests.


 “Criteria for Product Category Rules” provides sample chart templates for EPA Label Program-compliant Environmental Product Declarations.

Climate and other environmental impacts detailed on EPDs abiding the PCR Criteria will determine construction materials or products’ eligibility in the EPA’s broader Label Program for Low Embodied Carbon Construction. The agency has opened that program’s draft proposal to comment through mid-March. Comments can be submitted through companion agency portals: Label Program.

EPA plans to award $100 million in Inflation Reduction Act grants as the Label Program takes shape and construction materials or products interests develop and verify EPDs. Declarations generated through the grant program will make it easier for interested purchasers to ensure the construction projects they fund are using lower embodied carbon construction materials. The PCR Criteria will support both grantees and the broader marketplace in developing robust product EPDs.

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