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A visit with 2023-24 National Precast Concrete Association Chair Bill Bundschuh

Bill Bundschuh

Concurrent with new association staff leadership under Nick Rhoad, PRETECH Corp. President and Principal Bill Bundschuh succeeds Joel Sheets (Tindall Infrastructure) as NPCA chair. Over his 30 years at the helm of PRETECH, Bundschuh has steered the Kansas City, Kan.-based precast business through a major downturn to record top and bottom lines. “We have gone from year after year of growth of 20 percent or more, to a decline of 75 percent during the downturn of 2009 through 2012, and then back to a growth of 30–40 percent annually, to what have been the best years ever in 2022 and 2023,” he says.

Bundschuh is determined to see this success transfer to a productive term as NPCA chair. He has taken steps to give himself more time to be involved with NPCA leadership to see his goals come to fruition. “I am transitioning the daily operations of PRETECH to our very capable management team,” explains Bundschuh. “This team consists of my brother Mike who is running our second facility, my son Ryan who is running the daily operations of our main facility, my daughter Kaitlynn that is running our business office, Larry who is our sales and marketing manager, Chad who is our operations manager and Sean who runs our pipe operation.”

There are several projects Bundschuh hopes to target during his term, including working together with other industry associations. “We are stronger and can get more done with a single voice,” he notes. Additionally, he wants “the NPCA to fully utilize our Research and Development fund as it was intended: to advance our industry’s needs.”

However, his main focus will be ensuring that members realize the value within NPCA—whether they are large or small producers. Bundschuh wants members to be informed about the value of the association’s onboarding program, which was developed to improve employee retention and boost productivity. A Spanish version of the video series is anticipated to launch in the third quarter to help non-English speaking recruits. Additionally, Bundschuh intends to further workforce development though education both within member companies and throughout the public/private educational system.

Preliminary figures suggest NPCA members had another strong year in 2023, continuing the momentum evident in the association’s 2022 U.S. Precast Market Executive Summary Report. On a national level, it indicated producers reachings $25.8 billion in total revenue in 2022. “By all indication surveying NPCA members, 2023 was very strong, overall infrastructure has been very strong, and most would agree that 2024 will be just as strong,” affirms Bundschuh. “The increase of interest rates and material costs has caused some private work to slow down; however, it seems that the public work will continue to be just as strong as it has been in 2023. [Although] I am a little concerned about 2025 if we can’t find a way to get inflation of materials under control.”

Furthermore, it seems the industry will get a boost from Investment and Jobs Act and Inflation Reduction Act funding this year. “It is my understanding that 80 percent of the money that has been authorized has not been spent yet. We here in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska are seeing some of this new infrastructure money but am being told there is plenty yet to come,” says Bundschuh.

”The state of the industry is strong and growing stronger. I am looking forward to working with Bill to ensure everyone knows that precast products are long-lasting, durable, reliable and environmentally friendly,” adds Rhoad.

Founded in 1993, PRETECH manufactures a wide variety of precast concrete products, including sanitary and stormwater products, utility vaults, retaining walls and electrical manholes, helping to develop infrastructure throughout Kansas City and beyond to markets in Iowa, Nebraska and the Dakotas. The company recently opened a second production facility in Tonganoxie, Kan. to produce Department of Transportation work such as noise walls and Mechanically Stabilized Earth for projects like the U.S. 69 Expressway project in Overland Park. However, the 27,000-sq.-ft. facility can manufacture all precast products. The company also plans on opening a new facility in Omaha, Neb. in 2024 to supply an already strong and growing sales needs in the regional market.

One of PRETECH’s recent projects was the underground structures, piping and reinforced concrete box culverts for the new 40-gate terminal at the Kansas City International Airport.

Founded in 1965, NPCA has grown to become an international trade association representing more than 900 companies and suppliers that manufacture hundreds of precast, prestressed and reinforced concrete products for underground and above-ground applications. Member companies manufacture products that create and rebuild infrastructure, protect the environment and offer modularity, customization and infinite creative design possibilities across all sectors of the construction industry.

NPCA provides members with the latest technical and industry information through a host of publications, educational seminars, product committees and meetings. It promotes high quality standards and safety through its education component and ANSI-accredited Plant Certification Program. NPCA has grown the program to more than 350 operations and The Precast Show to the largest annual trade gathering specifically targeting the precast concrete products industry. NPCA is located near Indianapolis at 1320 City Center Drive, Suite 200, Carmel, IN 46032. Phone numbers are 317/571-9500 or 800/366-7731; email is [email protected]; website is

2023-24 OFFICERS


Bill Bundschuh
President and Owner
Kansas City, Kansas


Kevin Camp
Camp Precast Concrete Products
Milton, Vermont


Joel Sheets
Senior Vice President of
Operations – Infrastructure
Tindall Corporation
Spartanburg, South Carolina


Asher Kazmann
Locke Solutions
Houston, Texas