Masonry robotics developer steers flagship machine toward U.S. premier

North American market prospects for the Hadrian X robot, equipped and programmed to place block or brick from a truck-mounted, telescoping boom assembly, have compelled Western Australia-based FBR Limited to prioritize 2024 delivery of a next-generation model to Florida. The Sunshine State is a natural fit for the machine’s commercial debut, owing to annual concrete masonry unit consumption in the hundreds of millions. The first production Hadrian X was to remain in FBR’s home base. Management chose the U.S. instead to expedite deployment in tandem with the launch of Wall as a Service, a business central to the construction automation’s global rollout. Demonstrations have proved Hadrian X capable of consistently placing 8- x 16-in. concrete masonry units at rates up to 300 per hour. The robot marks the charter application of FBR’s Dynamic Stabilization Technology, enabling equipment to perform in outdoor settings. —