New Year, New Home Trends

A living room with elements inspired by brutalist architecture. Getty images.

Zillow has unveiled its data-driven predictions for the features and design elements poised to dominate homes in the new year. From the raw appeal of brutalism to cold plunge pools, these emerging trends highlight new post-pandemic pastimes and a nostalgia for past styles.

To discern these trends, Zillow looked at nearly 300 home features and design styles mentioned in for-sale listing descriptions, then identified the keywords showing up far more frequently than a year ago. “When certain keywords appear in a rising share of listings, it’s a signal that today’s home buyers may be gravitating toward those features,” explains Amanda Pendleton, Zillow’s home trends expert. “Real estate agents are uniquely attuned to subtle changes in what buyers want, and they often get a first look at the latest and greatest features going into newly built homes. Savvy listing agents will highlight those trending, in-demand features when marketing a home for sale.”

Topping the real estate website’s list with a 452% increase in mentions is brutalism. The mid-20th-century design style’s stripped-back interiors act as a blank canvas, making them appealing to minimalists or to creative homeowners who want to furnish them according to their personal style. Brutalist-inspired features, such as blackened steel casement windows, raw concrete floors, and jagged patinated bronze light fixtures, read as modern, functional and sustainable.

Another emerging trend is cold plunge pools, touted by influencers as a way to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. The share of listings on Zillow is up 130% compared to last year. Once an invigorating amenity reserved for spas and luxury listings, DIY-friendly cold plunge tubs are making this wellness practice more accessible. Rounding out the hottest home trends for 2024 are sensory gardens or pathways, pickleball courts, Murano glass chandeliers, and murals. 

Zillow notes that while the share of listings mentioning a particular trend may be growing, the absolute percentage of listings that mention these features remains very low.

New England-based plunge pool manufacturer Soake Pools added a highly-detailed, one-of-a-kind standing tub, known as the Garden Tub
(below) to its portfolio last year. Launching this month is a concrete-cased, fully-tiled plunge pool specifically designed for cold plunges,
the increasingly popular tool for wellness, health and recovery.