PTI revises benchmark reference, launches IRC 2024 campaign

Source: Post-Tensioning Institute, Farmington Hills, Mich.

The document can be ordered through [email protected].

The Post-Tensioning Institute has released the 7th Edition of the Post-Tensioning Manual, a cornerstone that has played a pivotal role in shaping the understanding of post-tensioning technology. PTI members have evolved the content since the document’s 1972 premier, keeping pace with industry advancements and emerging practices. Highlights of the 7th Edition include updates aligned with current codes and the integration of innovative practices. In addition, four new chapters (22-25) and one new appendix (C) broaden P-T Manual scope and relevance: Repair, Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Structures;  Building Information Modeling; Anchorage Zone Design; Sustainability; and, PTI Barrier Cable Tests.

“This manual highlights the inherent benefits of post-tensioning for an array of construction applications and will be an invaluable resource for a diverse audience of students, educators, contractors, inspectors, building officials, owners, engineers and architects,” says PTI Past President Jack Graves. 

Concurrently, PTI has launched Stronger Standards, Exceptional Structures, a campaign showcasing how International Code Council changes to the International Residential Code 2024 will usher material and labor improvements for post-tensioned concrete slabs. New IRC language will stipulate a) use of strand, hardware and other materials from PTI-certified plants; and, b) installation and stressing performed by PTI-certified field personnel. 

“The code change will benefit stakeholders across the residential design and construction spectrum by improved the quality of materials and workmanship for post-tensioned slab-on-ground floors,” notes PTI Executive Vice President Tim Christle.