Eco Material plans 700K tpy ash harvest at Alabama Power station

Sources: Eco Material Technologies, South Jordan, Utah; CP staff

Fly ash market leader Eco Material has announced a collaboration with Southern Co. subsidiary Alabama Power to harvest and process millions of tons of stored coal combustion products from Plant Barry, a Bucks, Ala. power station. The project is the third such venture with the Atlanta-based utility giant, following CCP harvesting and processing contracts at Plants Bowen and Branch in Georgia. 

Under the Alabama Power agreement, Eco Material will harvest more than 700,000 tons of Plant Barry ash per year.

“Southern Company and its subsidiaries are critical in our long-term strategy to invest in and upgrade sustainable sources of cementitious input materials,” says Eco Material CEO Grant Quasha. “This collaboration with Alabama Power is a paragon for both the environment and concrete builders, and we should expect more companies across the country to follow Southern Company’s lead in the beneficial reuse of their fly ash for products like our Green Cement.”

The Plant Barry ES EcoSystem Efficient Carbon Offloading process will be similar to the recently announced Georgia Power Plant Branch harvesting project. Eco Material’s ES EcoSystem is a proprietary solution that offers a lower-cost and greener process to reduce high carbon content in landfilled and ponded coal ash, bringing it up to required specification for use in concrete and other building materials. Finished ash will be supplied to Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi concrete producers. Plant Barry will be the Eco Material’s sixth ash harvesting and beneficiation facility. It will join a portfolio of novel supplementary cementitious material projects that include natural pozzolan beneficiation and Green Cement production.

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