Canadian agency commits $3M to CarbiCrete uptake at Canal Block

Sources: CarbiCrete, Montreal; CP staff  

Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing, Ngen, will provide $3 million as part of an $8 million integration of CarbiCrete cement-free concrete mix and curing technology at the Canal Block plant in Port Colborne, Ontario. The CarbiCrete process substitutes portland cement with a steel slag binder and brings carbon dioxide into the curing phase, where the gas is mineralized and permanently sequestered. After two NGen-backed projects, the technology is being deployed commercially by Quebec hardscape unit specialist Patio Drummond. 

The Canal Block partnership will provide Ontario builders the same low carbon block option as their peers in Quebec, notes CarbiCrete CEO Chris Stern, adding, “We are tremendously grateful for NGen’s continued support, which is helping Canada position itself as the undisputed world leader in low carbon concrete.”

“We have a long history of developing sustainable products for the masonry industry [and] are excited to partner with CarbiCrete to bring this revolutionary technology to market,” adds Canal Block Durk Bylsma. 

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