Advanced Tech Crete seeks patent for Binder Reducing Formula

Sources: Advanced Tech Crete LLC, Houston; CP staff

Advanced Tech Crete has completed United States Patent Office filings for Binder Reducing Formula (BRF), a liquid agent whose dispersing qualities and nano-particles have the potential to reduce portland cement volumes in concrete mix designs, while streamlining admixture and binder requirements. Dubbed “The New Science of Concrete,” BRF is added to a mixer truck or plant mixer without altering workflow. 

“We built a world-class testing lab and know that our product is one of the few real solutions for the decarbonization of concrete that is available today,” contends Advanced Tech Crete Co-Founder Frank Caruso. “The climate goals for carbon dioxide reduction in concrete will require the industry to leverage products like ours, in addition to the many ambitious and unproven attempts such as carbon capture, new processes for cement manufacturing, and new forms of green concrete that will take years to deploy at scale, if at all.”

Along with seeking intellectual property protection, he adds, Advanced Tech Crete is working to develop carbon offsets currency with registries and achieving third-party certification toward BRF commercial use and validated CO2 emissions mitigation.