USGS releases crushed stone, sand & gravel producer rankings

Nine publicly traded and four privately held companies populate the upper ranks of U.S. Geological Survey Mineral Commodity Specialist Jason Willett’s new “Top 100 Crushed Stone” and “Top 100 Sand & Gravel” producer surveys. Based on his analysis of 2021 shipments, here in descending order are the top players in each category: 

Public companies based in North America are Cemex, Granite, Knife River, Martin Marietta, Summit and Vulcan. The parent companies of CRH, Heidelberg and Holcim call Ireland, Germany and Switzerland home, respectively. The private operators represented in the Top 10 Crushed Stone and Sand & Gravel surveys hail from both sides of the Atlantic: Rogers and Teichert in Tennessee and California; Carmeuse and Lhoist in Belgium. The complete USGS Top 100 Crushed Stone Producers list is posted at