U.S. Silica pigment competitively edges titanium dioxide

More information on the new pigment is post-ed at www.ussilica.com/building-products.

Texas-based U.S. Silica Holdings Inc. has launched a newly engineered pigment for cementitious products and other building applications, underscoring the material’s capacity to partially replace or augment other inorganic high-white compounds like titanium dioxide (TiO2) and aluminum trihydrate. Finished in 1.3-, 2.4- or 5.8 average particle size grades, EverWhite Pigment features hardness and durability properties mirroring the functionality of high performing agents like TiO2, plus consistent, premium, bright-white formulations.

“Customers have been able to reduce the amount of titanium dioxide they’re using by up to 50 percent, which has resulted in significant cost savings,” says U.S. Silica President, Industrial & Specialty Products Zach Carusona. “EverWhite Pigment disperses more easily, the bright-white color maintains its quality, and the flexibility in opacity helps with the depth effect of products.”

“We think EverWhite Pigment provides customers with an exceptional alternative to other inorganic white pigments. As a domestically sourced product, it offers more reliable access and meaningful cost savings,” adds CEO Bryan Shinn. “This is another example of U.S. Silica’s commitment to innovation, our customer-focused approach, and our desire to deliver value across the markets we serve.”

The American Society of Concrete Contractors has kicked off a members-only “ALERT!” bulletin series with a look at portland-limestone cement concrete mixes. The two-page document reminds Society members how any new mix ingredient can trigger changes in concrete performance; lists variations contractors have reported with PLC mix loads; offers finishing and handling recommendations; and, proposes discussions with ready mixed producers on expectations and concerns. 

“ALERT! bulletins will be published as needed to provide timely notice of unusual, challenging, and sometimes complex circumstances affecting the industry,” says ASCC Sustainability Committee Co-Chair Bruce Suprenant, PhD, PE, FACI.

“Increasingly our contractors have been calling ASCC’s Concrete Construction Hotline about issues with portland-limestone cement concretes,” adds Concrete Construction Specialist Jim Klinger, who mans the hotline.