Michelin lifts Hiab Usa’s Moffett and Princeton machines

Once mounted, the Tweel TMF requires no air pressure and helps reduce the bounce associated with pneumatic tires, thanks to the poly-resin spokes’ unique energy transfer mechanism. Michelin North America and Hiab USA proved the product in Moffett field testing with Michigan-based Mans Lumber & Home.

TMF Tweels for Moffett M8 NX and Princeton PB 55+ Series forklifts are designed for rough-terrain applications, reversible for use in any of three-wheel positions, and equal to 5,300-lb. loads. An alternative to the traditional tire and wheel design, the airless Michelin X Tweel radial tire surrounds obstacles to provide a smooth, comfortable ride and high load stability. 

The partnership with Hiab USA behind the Moffett and Princeton machines’ spec, notes Tweel Technologies Business Director Tony Marconi, represents an “opportunity to expand Michelin’s airless radial tire technology into this new segment—where machine uptime is critical for efficient material handling and delivery. The Moffett and Princeton brands are the clear leaders in the market and provide the perfect platforms to showcase our technology.”

“The Tweel TMF tire allows our customers to finally take control of unexpected delivery delays and unproductive operator hours due to underinflated or flat pneumatic tires, all in a design that provides extended service without the harsh ride typical of other airless tire designs,” adds Hiab USA Product Manager, Truck Mounted Forklifts Mike Rae. — Michelin North America, Greenville, S.C., 866/866-6605 or 888/531-3802; www.michelinman.com