A new dimension in home building

Fly ash market leader Eco Material Technologies and builder Hive 3D have unveiled the first 3D-printed homes at The Casitas @ The Halles, a Round Top, Texas development featuring 400- to 900-sq.-ft. studio, single-bedroom or two-bedroom models. The mortar-like ink for the single-level homes utilizes Eco Material’s PozzoCEM Vite, a full portland cement replacement binder. Hive 3D previously printed a 3,150-sq.-ft. home using the producer’s signature PozzoSlag binder, formulated and finished to replace up to 50 percent of portland cement in concrete or mortar. 

Eco Material and Hive 3D have worked on mix designs and processes whereby PozzoCEM Vite or PozzoSlag are batched with local aggregates on site using modified commercial mixing equipment. As a result, the builder can produce printable materials at a fraction of the cost of other commercially available 3D printing inks/mortars, and subsequently complete houses for significantly less than they could be built by traditional means. Along with Eco Material, Hive 3D has worked with one of its technology partners, CyBe Construction, to develop a mobile, small footprint construction printer suiting The Casitas @ The Halles models. 

“While we are known as the largest supplier of sustainable cement alternatives for large scale infrastructure projects, we are proud to work with forward-thinking innovators like the team at Hive 3D to provide residential solutions as well,” says Eco Material CEO Grant Quasha.

“These small homes will serve as a model for affordable and eco-friendly housing throughout the country,” adds Hive 3D CEO Timothy Lankau, crediting Eco Material, CyBe Construction and Starred Sky Development for The Casitas @ The Halles deliverables. “We plan to build them at a speed and cost point that is unprecedented in the affordable housing space.”

Hive 3D demonstrates a mortar-like ink whose two- to three-minute set times enable rapid placement of layers typical of The Casitas @The Halles model home walls.