Lafarge Canada sets PozGlass on commercialization pathway

Under a new purchase agreement, Lafarge Canada Inc. will assume the entire run of PozGlass 100G ground glass pozzolan—upward of 3,500 metric tons—from a pilot British Columbia facility that developer Progressive Planet has scheduled for 2024 start up. PozGlass 100G technology centers on a reactor engineered to transform the sodium in finely ground, post-consumer glass to sodium carbonate, formed with the introduction of carbon dioxide. 

In addition to a sequestered-CO2 value proposition, the material can further lower concrete slabs or structures’ embodied carbon by offsetting the amount of portland cement in mix designs while promoting higher compressive strength development. PozGlass 100G presents an alternative to fly ash, consistent supplies of which have been disrupted by early closure or planned retirement of coal-fired generating stations, or their conversion to natural gas fuel. 

Lafarge Canada will provide Progressive Planet technical guidance and support as plant design, construction, and operation proceed. The purchase agreement, notes Progressive Planet Vice President of Strategy and Investor Relations Ian Grant, “Is an enormous accomplishment [and] positions us for global licensing and royalties. Glass has virtually the same chemical composition worldwide, which lends itself to rapid scalability for PozGlass technology.”

SOURCE: Progressive Planet, Kamloops, B.C.