Chaney Enterprises tailors low embodied carbon mix family

One of the Mid-Atlantic region’s top independent ready mixed concrete and aggregate producers recently unveiled a line of sustainable, low carbon products under the Ever Concrete Series banner. Ever Concrete gives Chaney Enterprises customers an opportunity to consciously reduce the embodied carbon of their projects by selecting from a range of mixes that utilize less carbon-intensive ingredients, coupled with innovative sustainable solutions and carbon offsets.

Given the increasing emphasis on reducing carbon emissions associated with construction materials, plus federal Buy Clean incentives or requirements per a White House executive order, Chaney Enterprises seeks to fill the Maryland and Virginia markets’ gap of limited low-carbon concrete options. Its Technical Services team will work with a customer’s specific project to tailor their mix to meet the specifications on the reduced carbon percentage required. In addition to low carbon concrete mixes, team members can also provide an Environmental Product Declaration if project principals request. An EPD tells the life cycle of a product in a single, comprehensive report and details its impact on the environment such as global warming potential, smog creation, ozone depletion and water pollution.

“Sustainable build through a circular economy is simply common sense and can now be achieved with the Ever Concrete Series,” says Chaney Enterprises Director of Quality, Research and Sustainability Jan Holt. “We look forward to our customers and colleagues joining us in building a sustainable future.”