Lafarge Canada expands renewable diesel spec to prairie fleet

4Refuel Operations Manager, Manitoba Corey Gunia and Lafarge
Canada Vice President, Manitoba and Saskatchewan Tina Larson.
The Manitoba mixer fleet will tap renewable diesel May to October.

After a successful demonstration in British Columbia concrete operations, Lafarge Canada Inc. is extending to its Manitoba fleet the use of renewable diesel from waste oil and fats processor 4Refuel. The migration from petroleum diesel equates to lower carbon dioxide emissions tracked in material deliveries.

“Switching to renewable diesel (R50) is a significant step forward in our sustainability journey,” says Lafarge Canada Vice President, Manitoba and Saskatchewan Tina Larson. “We are committed to doing our part to reduce our impact on the environment. We believe that renewable diesel is an excellent solution to help us achieve our sustainability goals while maintaining the high level of performance that our customers expect.”

Renewable diesel is compatible with existing diesel engines and infrastructure, she adds, making it an easy and effective way for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Lafarge Canada will reduce up to 46 tonnes of (GHG Protocol-defined) Scope 3 CO2 emissions per year by adopting renewable diesel in Manitoba rolling stock. Lafarge Western Canada’s transition to renewable diesel began in November 2022 with the Greater Vancouver Area market and is part of a larger sustainability initiative that includes reducing waste, conserving water, and promoting energy efficiency. 

“Renewable diesel is a turn-key solution to reduce life cycle-based emissions, and we are committed to serving our customers with low-carbon alternatives,” observes 4Refuel Director of Sustainability Lauren Foulkes.

Lafarge Canada has acquired the construction aggregates and contract crushing services assets of Westridge Quarries in the Okanagan Valley. The deal brings two quarries and one sand & gravel reserve near Kelowna, B.C., providing long-term reserves in an established market as well as other real estate.

“This acquisition will allow us to expand our operating footprint and product offerings for customers in the Okanagan Valley,” says Lafarge Western Canada CEO Brad Kohl. “We will leverage significant synergies with our existing footprint that will strengthen the combined business.”

“We are excited to watch our organization join a company with strong values and a clear vision for the future,” adds Westridge Quarries Co-Owner and General Manger Trevor Issac. “This acquisition represents a tremendous opportunity for our staff and partners and will ensure that Westridge Quarries remains an industry leader in service, quality, and sustainability. We look forward to watching them continue building from the foundation that has been established.”