Enviro-Port 5500 frames Shelby Materials’ aggregate, water recycling plan

A new Enviro-Port Complete Recovery Series 5500 concrete reclaimer at Shelby Materials’ Franklin, Ind. ready-mix plant supports permit compliance and community relations measures, most notably storm and process water management, along with space utilization and site aesthetics. 

The 5500 is well equipped for the 15-25 yards of returned concrete the plant’s fleet of 19 mixer trucks channels at peak production. The Enviro-Port reclaimer in Franklin is configured with a three-truck intake hopper; screw conveyor contained in 23-in. square housing; 2,000-gal. buffer tank; and twin agitators in the 20,870-gal. spillover water tank. The screw conveyor and buffer tank weir separate gray water, sand & gravel. Aggregate is removed with the screw conveyor while receiving a final rinse of clean water, before dropping onto the vibrating screen deck for separation of sand and stone. The sand and stone are stockpiled in two separate bunkers with easy accessibility. The buffer tank commences gray water solids settlement. Water reaching Shelby Materials’ targeted suspended solids threshold is spilled over into the larger tank, featuring a walk-in entry door for ease of inspection and maintenance.

The Franklin plant installation is the second Enviro-Port 5500 the producer has deployed in two years. Both models contribute to site cleanliness and curb appeal, in turn fostering a positive working environment for Shelby Materials team members and “good neighbor” perceptions. — Enviro-Port Inc., Gratiot, Wis., 800/356-8106; www.enviro-port.com