Truck back-up sensor

Manufacturer’s Ultrasonic Back-Up Sensor Kit can be retrofitted to, or incorporated as OEM option, for virtually any commercial truck or off-highway vehicle. It sounds an audible alarm when the vehicle comes within 10 feet of an object, then beeps faster as the driver or operator gets closer to the obstacle. The kit can also be customized for specific distance intervals to meet OEM specifications. The system also delivers a voice announcement of object distance at specific intervals and easily integrates with on-board camera or monitor systems. When paired with a back-up camera, a monitor will display an overlay, revealing the active sensor(s) and the object distance from that sensor.

“Back-up sensors are an essential component of operator and workplace safety in modern vehicles,” says Continental Product Manager Jared Hall. The Ultrasonic Back-Up Sensor Kit is easy to set up and simple to configure as a retrofit or original equipment installation, he adds, and includes four sensors, a central control unit, and speaker. Cameras and monitors are available as options. — Continental Automotive Systems Inc., Allentown, Pa.,