I-XL joins King Klinker thin brick master distributors Acme, Consolidated, Reuther

Sources: I-XL Building Products, Vancouver, B.C.; CP staff

A strategic partnership with Wisconsin-based King Klinker America positions I-XL Building Products as Master Distributor for King Klinker thin brick veneer plus companion Advanced Formliners seamless concrete embedded brick formliners and Speedymason thin brick or stone panel solutions.

King Klinker thin clay brick units on Advanced Formliners seamless template.

“This will give our customers access to the highest quality thin brick veneer products on the market,” says I-XL President David Hughes. Effective immediately, he adds, it establishes his firm as a preferred partner of King Klinker; affords access to the full line of thin brick veneer products for distribution across Canada; and, strengthens I-XL’s position as a premier architectural masonry supplier.

The partnership extends King Klinker’s reach throughout the Provinces by partnering with a national distributor offering more than a century in quality brick, stone, and masonry products. “I-XL’s vast distribution network and reputation for excellence make them the perfect partner for us,” affirms King Klinker America President Shane Calmes. “We are confident this partnership will be highly beneficial for both companies.”

The agreement designates IX-L as a Canadian counterpart to U.S. King Klinker Master Distributors Acme Brick, Texas; Reuther Materials, New Jersey; and, Consolidated Brick, Massachusetts.