Contractor raises bar on acid resistant concrete structures

Structural fiber reinforced polymer-wise retrofit contractor Composite Construction LLC is targeting corrosion control at this month’s MINExpo 2021 in Las Vegas with the unveiling of a concrete formulated to withstand exposure to highly acidic and other corrosive compounds, no coatings required. 

ARC Acid Resistant Concrete is applied directly to an existing structure, giving it immediate protection in environments that are too aggressive for conventional concrete and coatings. Composite Construction is currently the exclusive supplier and distributor of ARC Acid Resistant Concrete for specific projects and can either cast the concrete on-site or prepare ARC elements for direct delivery to jobsites. Choosing a correct concrete composition that provides complete protection against acid and other aggressive chemicals is a formidable task for any maintenance planner, maintenance manager or technical supervisor, Composite Construction contends. 

The contractor cites a 20-plus year history of completing hundreds of fiber reinforced polymer retrofit projects for commercial, municipal, and heavy industrial clients, and specializes in supplying and installing principal reinforcement solutions using carbon and glass fiber, specialized polymers, acid resistant concrete. Composite Construction has worked successfully with mining companies, utilities, agencies, counties, ports, departments of transportation, and local authorities. — Composite Construction LLC, Tucson, Ariz., 520/332-2270;

Existing concrete
ARC-treated concrete