QC, embedded sensor specialist Exact adds Sure Cure system

Cloud-enabled concrete monitoring device specialist Exact Technology has acquired Sure Cure electric concrete curing system proprietor Products Engineering Inc. (PE). Well established in precast, prestressed operations, Sure Cure system elements, thermocouples, temperature loggers and control cabinet are over 90 percent efficient in applying electric heat to plastic and hardening concrete. Controllable locally or via the cloud, the system maintains uniform temperatures throughout the form or casting bed for cure cycle duration; calculates maturity; tracks energy consumption; controls electrical demand; and, stores all data generated.

The Sure Cure system encompasses heating elements and thermocouples for precast beds or forms, along with concrete cylinder and specimen curing accessories, plus power control cabinets. It integrates with Exact Cure, an online platform with which production and quality control managers can monitor curing cycles from desktop or mobile devices. Exact Cure likewise communicates with wireless temperature loggers to control application of heat and follow target strength curves.

“At the core of both of our companies are technology-based solutions that enable more efficient, safe and sustainable concrete construction,“ says Exact Technology Co-Founder and CEO Jordan Korenzvit. “We plan to expand upon what PE has built, bringing its offering online in real-time, integrating it with our market-leading wireless cloud technology, and leveraging our engineering and support teams to the benefit of current and future customers.”

“PE provides Exact with an established operating presence in the U.S., and it accelerates our expansion in terms of both geography and product mix,” adds Co-Founder and CSO Stacia Van Zetten. “We look forward to nurturing the Sure Cure legacy.”

“I believe that joining Exact will allow our products to continue to improve and reach more clients,” notes PE President Mark Davis, whose father, Brad Davis, founded the business in 1970 after operating a Colorado precast, prestressed concrete plant. — Exact Technology Corp., Toronto, 647/812-0248; www.exacttechnology.com; Exact Sure Cure, Evergreen, Colo., 303/679-9635