Site, ground dewatering

The RainWater Absorbing System uses a simple chemical reaction to stop the disruptive effects of rain on building and landscaping jobsites as soon as drops hit the ground.

It eliminates the potential for schedule delays by curtailing mud and keeping the ground dry after a downpour. The system’s granules, formulated from a proprietary polymer, can absorb 300-400 times their weight of water: A 1/4-in. thick layer is equal to an 8-in. rain event. Granules are packaged in 3- x 5-ft. application bags, fabricated from geotextile material commonly used as drainfield fabric. Granules kept in the bags instead of broadcast on sites can be dried with a blower fan and reused dozens of times. — Locke White, Blacksburg, Va., 540/239-7935; [email protected]