Licensed retaining wall systems

The company licenses production of Forix and Gravix precast retaining wall units for residential, commercial, industrial, department of transportation and heavy rail projects. Innovative, patented design of a triangular section in the stem perpendicular to the face allows the weight of the backfill to bear on the units, resulting in a stabilizing effect. Capitalizing on the efficient use of concrete, the conventional duty Forix is competitive with other modular systems currently on the market. In addition, patented technology allows multiple castings per day for each mold.

Earth Wall Products engineers the Forix retaining wall system for a range of conventional load conditions and the Gravix for transportation applications.

Gravix takes the Forix geometry to the next level as a widely accepted DOT or rail wall/abutment system. An integrated traffic barrier for the Gravix system became the first all precast structure to clear the MASH TL-4 impact test and receive Federal Highway Administration acceptance. — Earth Wall Products, Marietta, Ga., 678/654-3047;