Ready mixed producers assist artificial intelligence-fed quality control

Sources: Giatec Scientific Inc., Ottawa; CP staff

Central Concrete Supply Co. of California, Maschmeyer Concrete Company of Florida and Stoneway Concrete of Seattle have provided mix data used to train an artificial intelligence program, Roxi, to detect possible errors in batch proportions and slab or structure maturity calibrations. 

Billed as the first program of its kind for concrete testing, Roxi works with the SmartRock wireless sensor and was developed in conjunction with Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms. It provides new insights into concrete curing by using machine learning algorithms, and has the potential to analyze design strength plus target slump and air content levels.

“We can assure contractors that their data is verified because our team can easily and confidently calibrate concrete mixes for maturity,” notes Central Concrete Director of Quality Assurance Patrick Frawley.