PCA launches ‘Shaped by Concrete’ educational campaign

Source: Portland Cement Association, Washington, D.C.

PCA is raising awareness of the sustainability, resiliency and durability of concrete through bold, compelling stories of how the construction material makes the world a better place. The Shaped by Concrete campaign will focus on key themes often overlooked and underrepresented in conversations and media coverage of cement and concrete, including their ability to meet sustainable development goals, decrease costs from natural disasters, and assist with key societal challenges, such as our nation’s housing crisis.  

“As we prepare for the challenges future generations face, concrete will be even more critical to building a sustainable world for tomorrow,” says Mike Ireland, PCA president and CEO. “Concrete is the most durable, resilient, available and affordable material in the built environment, supporting sustainable economic, social and environmental development priorities, and the Shaped by Concrete campaign is how we’ll tell that story to stakeholders and partners.”

PCA has hired communications consultancy APCO Worldwide to help with the campaign in the United States. The firm has also been retained by the Global Cement and Concrete Association to help craft a worldwide message.  —  www.shapedbyconcrete.com